Roadway Safety

Intersections represent a disproportionate share of public safety problems on roadways. In fact, numerous studies have shown that the majority of traffic accidents at intersections are due to traffic signal violations and speeding. Violation of the basic rules of the road, especially the failure to stop at a red light, endangers us all!

Working in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the City of Hometown joins a growing number of safety-conscious communities in Illinois and other states that are taking a progressive stance to reduce vehicular accidents and improve driver behavior with the installation of automated, red light camera enforcement systems. In the City of Hometown, a red light camera system is placed at the intersection of 87th Street at IL 50 (Cicero Avenue) monitoring northbound traffic. We strongly believe that our automated, red light camera enforcement system can make a life-saving difference at these locations.

In order to educate and inform the community, there is a public awareness campaign, encouraging everyone to "Be Safe: Stop on Red." The campaign will include information on the City's web site ( including "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers."

Together, we can make a difference in addressing this important public safety initiative. Lives depend on it!